Am I able to get a refund on tickets that I will not use?

No, we have a strict “No Refund” policy.  The reason for this is because the Youth Rally is not a budgeted event and relies solely on the registration income in order to provide you with the best event that we possibly can . . . please be careful not to order more tickets than you can use!

Who do I make my check out to and where do I mail it?

Please make your check out to the “Peninsula-Delaware Conference” and mail to:

Peninsula-Delaware Conference
ATTN:  Janet Westbrook
139 N. State St.
Dover, DE  19901


Where do I get a Health Form?

Click Here:  2019 Youth Rally Health Form

In order to receive your Registration Packet when you arrive, you must turn in the Health Forms for everyone in your group (Youth AND Adults).  The Nurses will not treat anyone without this form!  Since the form doubles as a Liability Release, we will be collecting them for that purpose and they will be kept in the Nurse’s Station.  We suggest that you make copies of your completed Health Forms in case you need them while not at the Convention Center.

What is the “Proclaim the Name” Contest?

“Proclaim the Name” (formerly known as “Spittin’ Da Word”) is a youth preaching competition in search of high school students with a passion for sharing God’s Word.
If you want to compete, prepare a 5-minute, biblically based message and be one of the first 15 students to register before December 21, 2018 at If you have any questions, please e-mail Rev. Rick Wessell at
The winner will get to share on stage at the rally, and receive a $500 grant for their youth ministry!

What is the Youth Rally Covenant?

Our behavior should always be that of someone who is representing Christ.
Event leaders, staff & security members should be respected at all times by students & adults.
We should never engage in behavior that would make it difficult for someone else to benefit from their Youth Rally experience.
Adult leaders are responsible for their youth group at all times, including while at the rally, restaurants, hotels, etc.
Each group will provide appropriate adult leadership following Safe Sanctuaries guidelines (adult leaders should have appropriate background checks & be at least 23 years old; groups must have both male & female leaders if both male & female students are participating).
All Youth Rally participants agree that their image or likeness may be used in publicity for future Youth Rallies or YPM events.

What is the Safe Sanctuaries Policy?

The intent of this Safe Sanctuaries policy of the Peninsula-Delaware Conference is to prevent child abuse in local churches and within the Peninsula-Delaware Conference and to protect local churches, their staff and clergy from allegations of improper conduct. Further, the policy is intended to provide requirements for laity, clergy, and lay employees of the Peninsula-Delaware Conference and the local church in the adoption of Safe Sanctuaries policies and the implementation of operating procedures for each church and for Peninsula-Delaware Conference events. These policies and operating procedures must respond to the expectation that “children must be protected from economic, physical, emotional, and sexual exploitation and abuse” (The Book of Discipline of the United Methodist Church 2004, The Social Principles ¶162C, page 106, see Appendix I) and the requirements of local churches and Peninsula-Delaware Conferences adopted by the United Methodist Church in 2004 (The United Methodist Book of Resolutions 2004, 65. Reducing the Risk of Child Sexual Abuse in the Church, ADOPTED 1996, READOPTED 2004, see Appendix II.)

In addition, this Safe Sanctuaries policy reinforces the commitment of the Peninsula-Delaware Conference and its laity, clergy and staff to the demonstration of the love and care of Jesus Christ affirmed in the Baptismal covenant, so that each child and youth will be ”nurture(d)… in Christ’s holy church…” (The United Methodist Hymnal, Baptismal covenant II, page39-43, see Appendix III.)